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Heavy Duty Towing

How Priority Towing and Recovery Specializes in Heavy Duty Towing Services

Heavy Duty Towing Services

Expertise. Quality. Respect. These have been the fundamentals of Priority Towing’s business since the day we opened in 2014 and these are what you can expect from our heavy duty towing services. No job is too complex for our state-of-the-art fleet and Wreckmaster certified operators.

From winching out farm equipment from a muddy field to uprighting an overturned semi truck, Priority Towing can handle any job. Give us a call today. Our team of knowledgeable dispatchers will guide you through the process and match you with an experienced towing team. If you want the job done right the first time, give Priority Towing & Recovery a call.

While the sheer size and strength of our heavy duty towing trucks is impressive enough, that’s not the main reason to choose Priority Towing & Recovery for your heavy duty towing needs. Our true strength lies in our incredible team of certified towing experts. Their passion for their work and dedication to providing quality service is truly what sets us apart.

We believe in maintaining long term relationships with our customers. That is why we are the provider of choice for many trucking companies, private owner operators, and local business owners. When you choose Priority Towing, you’re choosing experience and reliability.

Priority Towing & Recovery provides 24 hour heavy towing services in Baltimore, Columbia, and Ellicott City

How We Handle Semi Truck Towing and Big Rig Towing

Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. This is the philosophy we apply to all our heavy duty towing and recovery services. We understand that every heavy duty towing job comes with it’s own unique set of challenges and complications. This is why we take the extra time to meticulously plan out all our jobs in advance. By mapping out the logistics beforehand, we will show up by your side with all the equipment and towing operators needed to complete the job safely and efficiently.

From cargo load shifts and transfers to jackknifed trucks or overturned buses, we are ready for any heavy duty tow. Safety is our number one priority. We understand the urgency of getting back on the road quickly, but we will never skip any steps that could compromise the safety of you or your vehicle. We’ve got every aspect of your heavy duty tow covered. If your tractor is not drivable, we will send out one of ours to secure your trailer and store it in our yard. We will then take your tractor to the repair facility. We’ve got every aspect of your heavy duty tow covered.

We will do everything in our power to get you back on the road in a safe and timely manner. Starting from our knowledgeable dispatch team to our Wreckmaster certified tow truck operators, we will work with you every step of the way to get your vehicle fully operational again. No job is too complicated for the team at Priority Towing. Give us a call today at 240-780-8691 and let us know how we can help you

Baltimore Off-Road Recovery Services

There is nothing the Priority Towing & Recovery team loves more than a challenge! We live and breathe off-road recovery. While every heavy duty towing job comes with its own challenges, there is something about a heavy duty off-road recovery that really fires up our team! In order to be successful in off-road recovery, you need to become a professional problem solver. That only comes with the years of experience and training that the Priority Team has accumulated since the day we opened our doors.

We mean it when we say no job is too difficult for us. Has your semi gotten stuck on a tight farm road? Is your vehicle upside down in a ditch? Did your RV decide to go for an unexpected swim? Regardless of what made you call us, Priority Towing will get the job done safely and efficiently.

If you’re stuck on the highway, we will come with an extra team that will divert traffic and ensures everyone in the area remains safe! Don’t think twice; if you’re in need of an off-road recovery, reach out to the experts at Priority Towing & Recovery. There’s a reason we have recovery in our name!

Priority Towing Specializes in Off-Road Recovery

Not every tow company can handle off-road recovery. Our team of tow truck operators has undergone professional training and is ready for any off-road recovery situation. No job is too difficult for Priority Towing & Recovery.

  • Marine retrieval
  • Hook and Drop
  • Burnt Vehicle Recovery
  • Quads
  • Dirt bikes
  • Jeeps
  • SUVs
  • RVs
  • Motorhomes
  • Winching services
  • Off-road towing
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks

We have the skills and equipment to get you out of any tough situation. Contact us today and let us get you back on the road.

Looking for a Commercial Towing Service in Baltimore?

Priority Towing and Recovery is proud to be part of the Baltimore, Columbia and Ellicott City communities. Our commercial towing services have us working hand in hand with local businesses. From restaurants and department stores to car dealerships and apartment complexes, Priority Towing can offer a full range of commercial towing services. Contact us today to see how we can help fulfill your commercial towing needs.

Motorhome Towing and RV Towing

RV and Motorhome towing is not as simple as you may think it is and requires specialized equipment and training. Priority Towing is well versed in towing all types of motorhomes, RVs, and campers. We will get you and your loved ones back on the road quickly and, most importantly, safely.

Call Us for a Truck Jump Start

Truck battery dead? Having trouble starting your big rig, camper, or semi? There’s no need to panic, Priority Towing and Recovery will get you back on the road in no time. Reach our Baltimore 24/7 truck jump start service now at 240-780-8691!

Baltimore Towing Recovery

There’s a reason why we are called Priority Towing & Recovery; we live and breathe heavy duty recovery! Our extensive fleet has all the heavy duty equipment and state-of-the-art technology to handle any job. That being said, there’s no point in having the best fleet around if you don’t have the right people working with it. Our tow truck operators have decades of experience in the heavy duty recovery industry. Their professional training along with their on-the-field experience have them ready for all types of jobs. From submerged vehicles to overturned trucks, no job is too complex for Priority Towing.

Construction Equipment Towing

Managing a large job site is stressful enough. Priority Towing will work around your schedule to deliver your construction equipment where it needs to be when it needs to be there. From dump truck transports and excavator hauling to bulldozer and forklift shipping, we have the tools and the expertise to move any piece of equipment. Our Wreckmaster certified tow operators have gone through technical training and will take excellent care of your expensive equipment. Give Priority Towing a call today at 240-780-8691 and let’s keep your schedule on track!