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24/7 Tow Truck Service in Baltimore, MD

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Priority Towing makes customer service our top-priority ... Not our bottom-line. Keeping Baltimore, Columbia and Ellicott City's roads clear 24/7, we provide ‘round-the-clock towing and roadside assistance, as well as offer many reliable auto repairs back at our facility. From our fleet operators to the auto repair technicians, our team is trained and certified. Expect real expertise, quality and respect down the line from Priority Towing. Whether you’ve been in an accident and need a tow in Baltimore, or you have simply locked yourself out of the car in your driveway contact Priority Towing right now!

24/7 Highway Towing Service

24/7 Roadside Assistance

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Light Duty Towing

Light Duty Towing

Medium Towing

Medium Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

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Quick Towing Services

Priority Towing is prepared to take on the majority of roadside calamities. From car accidents to flat tires, call us for immediate service. Our fleet can complete light to medium duty tows, as well as a wide range of roadside assistance services like tire changes, jump starts, lockouts and more. If our roadside services cannot get you back on the road, we have a full service repair shop for all your needs.  See a list of some of our services below:

  • 24/7 Dispatch
  • Light Duty Towing
  • Medium Towing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Battery Installs
  • Lockouts
  • Jumpstarts
  • Tire Changes

24/7 Emergency Tow Truck Service Near Me - Baltimore Tow Truck Company

Priority Towing and Recovery offers 24/7 emergency tow truck service for the Baltimore, Columbia and Ellicott City areas. Our towing service team’s main priority is our customer’s safety and satisfaction. We understand that calling a towing company often means that you’re in a stressful situation. We will do our best to alleviate your stress and get you back on the road as soon as possible!

Our emergency roadside assistance includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Battery Boost
  • Jump Start
  • Light Duty Towing Services
  • Medium Duty Towing Services
  • Heavy Duty Towing Services
  • Lockout Service
  • Tire Changes

Give us a call now and let us get you back on the road! Our friendly and knowledgeable dispatch team is only a call away at (240) 780-8691.

Baltimore Towing Service - Columbia Towing Service - Ellicott City Tow Truck

We aim to be your one stop shop. If you need a tow and give us a call, we will do our best to get you roadready as soon as possible! In some cases, you might not even need a tow. We often get to stranded drivers and all they need is a simple boost!

In other cases, repair work may be necessary on your vehicle. Priority Towing and Recovery runs an in-house repair shop with qualified mechanics and diesel technicians. Doing everything in-house means you only have to deal with one company from start to finish. We aim to simplify the towing and repair process to make it as smooth and comfortable for you as possible.

Rain or shine, snow or sleet, night or day, we are on standby throughout the Baltimore, Columbia and Ellicott City areas in order to be able to reach you as quickly as possible! Our state of the art technology and GPS systems always map out the fastest route to your vehicle. Trust the experts at Priority Towing and make your safety a priority.

24/7 Roadside Assistance : Jump Start, Lockout, Tire Changes

If you find yourself with a flat tire or a battery in desperate need of a boost, call our 24/7 emergency dispatch service right away! Our trucks are strategically located throughout the Baltimore, Columbia and Ellicott City areas and will be by your side in minutes. Our dedicated tow truck service team will help you change your tire or tow you to safety should that be necessary.

Trying to start your car? Only hearing a stuttering noise or, even worse, nothing at all? There is no need to panic or to be stressed. Most likely, your battery simply needs a jump start. The Priority team is well versed in jump starts and will have you back on the road in no time! If they diagnose a more terminal battery issue, they will change your battery right then and there! We are not just a tow service company, we strive to be a one stop solution for all our amazing customers.

We spoke about flat tires and jump starts. What other things could a driver be scared of? Lockouts. There is no feeling like your stomach dropping when you realize you’ve locked yourself out of the car. Always remain calm in these situations. Make sure that the first thing you do is reach out to the Priority dispatch center at (240) 780-8691. We will get you back in your car without damaging your window or inner door!

About Priority Towing & Recovery

Founded in 2014 Priority Towing and Recovery’s reputation is earned by our conduct: what we say and, more important, what we do; the services we provide; and the way we act and treat others. For Priority Towing, this is the only way to do business.  Since we opened our doors Priority Towing has grown every year to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and those in need.  Priority Towing differentiates itself from the norm by exceeding in customer service and expectations.  Our highly trained tow operators and well-equipped trucks are able to handle all your needs.

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