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Heavy Recovery Service for Beer-Filled Trailer

Stuck Trailer with 35,000 lbs of Beer Kegs Needs Heavy Recovery Service 

Which heavy recovery service do you call when your beer-filled trailer gets stuck in the asphalt? Priority Towing! In a recent incident requiring recovery experts, the Priority team swiftly responded to a customer’s distress call in Savage, MD. 

The landing legs of the driver’s trailer had suffered damage, causing them to sink through the asphalt and compromising the stability of the vehicle. With no police involvement required, Priority Towing’s recovery team was happy to assist the customer.  

Sending their reliable 35-ton wrecker along with two skilled operators, the pros promptly arrived on the scene. After securing the area and assessing the situation, they got straight to work. The challenging job involved lifting the front of the trailer, which was loaded with 35,000 pounds of full beer kegs. 

Using their twin-line recovery wrecker and two snatch blocks, the experienced team carefully executed the lift operation. Once the trailer was elevated, the customer’s tractor was utilized to hook up and relocate the trailer to a safe position for repairs. Employing their expertise, they skillfully lifted the trailer and connected it to a tractor at a 90-degree angle, ensuring secure transportation. The Priority team successfully completed the task within an hour.

Next time you find yourself in a tight spot with your trailer, beer-filled or not, remember that Priority Towing is the go-to heavy recovery service. They’ll swoop in like true superheroes, armed with all the skills and equipment to save the day. Great work to the heavy tow team! 

Stuck Trailer with 35,000 lbs of Beer Kegs Needs Heavy Recovery Service 

Priority Towing recently proved their prowess as a heavy recovery service when they swiftly responded to a distressed customer’s call in Savage, MD. The damaged landing legs of the trailer had caused it to sink through the unyielding asphalt, posing a significant threat to the vehicle’s stability. The heavy recovery service was ready to lend their assistance.

Mobilizing their dependable 35-ton wrecker, accompanied by a proficient duo of operators, the heavy recovery service wasted no time in arriving at the scene. Prioritizing safety, the heavy recovery service conducted a meticulous assessment before embarking on the arduous task ahead. Their primary objective? To skillfully lift the front of the trailer, burdened with a substantial payload of 35,000 pounds consisting of beer kegs.

Employing a combination of precision and finesse, the heavy recovery service relied on their twin-line recovery wrecker and adeptly positioned snatch blocks to flawlessly execute the intricate lift operation. Once the trailer was raised, the customer’s tractor came into play, skillfully connecting and relocating the trailer to a secure location for essential repairs.

Demonstrating their expertise, the heavy recovery service team deftly maneuvered the trailer, securing its connection to the tractor at a 90-degree angle, ensuring a safe and stable transportation resolution. The entire operation was executed within an hour.

Priority Towing’s remarkable performance in this incident showcases their unwavering dedication as a heavy recovery service.