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RV Winterization Checklist

How to Winterize Your RV in Maryland

Winter in Maryland, brings its own set of challenges, especially for RV owners. Preparing your RV for winter is crucial to protect it from the harsh weather and ensure it’s in top condition for your next trip. Here’s a detailed RV Winterization Checklist to help you safeguard your vehicle. And remember, if you need professional RV towing, Priority Towing is just a phone call away, offering expert services to the Columbia and Ellicott City communities.

1. Draining Water Systems: Avoiding Freeze Damage

Water left in your RV’s systems can freeze and cause significant damage. Start by draining all water tanks, including freshwater, gray, and black water tanks. Empty the water heater and ensure to bypass it. To prevent any residual water from freezing, either use compressed air to blow out the water lines or add RV antifreeze.

2. Plumbing Protection: Keeping Pipes Safe

Your RV’s plumbing is susceptible to freezing temperatures. Protect it by adding non-toxic RV antifreeze to the system, ensuring it flows through all pipes. Don’t forget to add antifreeze to sink and shower drains and the toilet to safeguard every part of your plumbing system.

3. Sealing Exterior Openings: Keeping Out the Cold

Check the exterior of your RV for any openings or cracks. Sealing these is essential to prevent moisture and pests from getting in. Cover external vents and openings to provide additional protection against the elements.

4. Engine and Battery Care: Ensuring Longevity

If you’re storing your RV during winter, disconnect and store the battery in a dry, warm place. Fill up the fuel tank and add a stabilizer to prevent fuel degradation. Changing the oil and replacing the oil filter will also help protect your engine.

5. Interior Maintenance: Cleanliness and Care

Remove any perishables and liquids that could freeze. Give the interior a thorough cleaning to prevent mold and mildew. Keep refrigerator doors propped open to avoid bad odors and mold.

6. Tire Upkeep: Preventing Damage

Proper tire care is crucial during winter storage. Inflate tires to the recommended pressure and use covers to protect them from the elements. Consider using tire blocks or jacks to reduce pressure and prevent flat spots.

7. Exterior Protection: Shielding from Winter

A clean and waxed exterior can better withstand winter conditions. Cover your RV with a breathable cover specifically designed for winter to provide the best protection.

8. Security Measures: Keeping Your RV Safe

Ensure your RV is secure and locked. Remove valuable items and electronics. Also, check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are functioning correctly.

9. Final Review: Ready for Spring

Conduct a final inspection of all systems and note any required repairs or maintenance. This will make it easier to get your RV back on the road when spring arrives.

Need RV Towing? Call Priority Towing

Winterizing your RV is an important step in maintaining its longevity and readiness for your next journey. If you need assistance in transporting your RV for winterization or storage, Priority Towing is here to help. Our expert RV towing services ensure your vehicle is handled with care, offering you peace of mind throughout the winter season. Remember, a well-maintained RV is a reliable companion for your travels.

If you require professional RV towing in Columbia, MD, Priority Towing is here to assist. Our team is WreckMaster certified and specially trained in handling all classes of motorhomes and camper vans. We provide 24-hour RV towing services with our in-house dispatch team, ensuring help is always available.

For immediate assistance, call our RV Towing team at 240-780-8691. Trust Priority Towing for reliable and expert care of your vehicle.