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Box Truck Tow with 35-ton Wrecker

Woodbine Box Truck Tow Team Winches Truck From Muddy Mess

Priority Towing sent out a 35-ton wrecker for a box truck tow in Woodbine, MD. A moving company had driven the box truck behind a house to facilitate the loading process. There had been a lot of rain all day and the movers didn’t take into account the effect that would have on the lawn.

Everything was going well until they tried to drive the fully loaded truck out of the backyard and onto the pavement. The ground was extremely soft due to the rain. This combined with the extra weight in the back of the box truck was the perfect recipe for disaster.

As the movers pressed down on the gas pedal, the wheels on the truck dug into the soft ground. The more the driver tried to move, the deeper the wheels went into the mud. Anyone could see that there was no way to drive the fully-loaded box truck out of it’s new muddy parking spot. 

Priority Towing’s box truck tow team made the short journey from their headquarters to the customer’s location. This was not your straightforward winch-out job due to two reasons:

  1. The box truck tow team could not drive onto the lawn. The grass was so soft at this point that the heavy wrecker would have surely sunk into it. This meant that they would need to stay on the pavement and perform the winch-out from 150 feet away!
  2. They needed to get it through two sets of gates with only a 2 inch clearance on either side of the box truck.

The team got straight to work, hooking up to the tow hooks on the front of the box truck. From there, one member of the towing team operated the winch while the other steered the box truck. It was super tight getting through the gates, but with a bit of perseverance and a lot of patience, they got the box truck back on the pavement!

Besides needing a good wash, there were no other issues with the box truck! Fantastic work out there team! You did an amazing job!

Details of Woodbine Box Truck Tow Team Winches Truck From Muddy Mess

A Woodbine box truck tow team was requested for a recovery operation in Woodbine, MD. The customer’s location was located a five minute drive from the Priority Towing headquarters at 15950 North Ave, Woodbine, MD, 21797. 

The box truck tow team arrived at the customer’s home and assessed the situation. Seeing as the ground was so soggy, the box truck tow team could not drive their heavy wrecker to the stranded box truck.

The box truck tow team used their outriggers for stability as they slowly winched the loaded box truck 150 feet to the pavement. One member of the box truck tow team was sitting in the box truck and in order to steer it through two sets of gates. 

The team was successful in getting the box truck back onto the pavement. They ensured that the box truck was in running condition prior to heading back to Priority Towing.