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Heavy Towing Scaffolding at Army Base

Heavy Towing Team Called to Army Base to Fix Scaffolding Nightmare

A heavy towing team’s assistance was desperately needed at the Fort Belvoir military base. Fort Belvoir houses 26 Department of Defence agencies, 8 elements of the U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard, 19 agencies/reporting units of the U.S. Army, and a Marine Corps detachment amongst other military departments. One cannot simply waltz into Fort Belvoir to perform a heavy tow, invitation or not. 

Priority Towing had to apply for vendor status and receive special permission and passes to go on base. Once those were secured, the heavy towing team were able to tackle the tough job ahead of them. Metal scaffolding had been delivered to the wrong area of the military base. While this may not seem like such a big deal, there was a full day’s worth of problem solving ahead of the Priority team!

In a nutshell, they needed to lift the scaffolding onto their flatbed, deliver it to the proper location on base 4 miles away, and offload the scaffolding. The scaffolding was laid out on the ground haphazardly and packed into 6 units, each with different weights, shapes, and center of gravities. To make things even more challenging, the heavy towing team had a very narrow workspace to work in. 

Thankfully, the Priority Towing team excels in difficult situations! They carefully calculated the center of gravity for each unit of scaffolding parts. They also formulated individual plans for lifting the units; some units were able to be lifted with straps, others had to be lifted using chain binders and long chains. It really was a real life game of building blocks!

With a good work ethic, heavy towing expertise, and the right machinery, Priority was able to get the scaffolding to the correct location on base. Great work out there team!

Details of Heavy Towing Team Called to Army Base to Fix Scaffolding Nightmare

Priority Towing and Recovery received a call requesting a heavy towing team at Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County, Virginia. The heavy towing team applied for vendor status and received the proper passes in order to enter the base. The next day, the heavy towing team drove to Fort Belvoir.

The heavy towing team arrived at Fort Belvoir with a heavy wrecker and a flat bed truck. The heavy towing team assessed the situation. The heavy towing team had to vertically lift all the scaffolding, load the scaffolding onto a flatbed. The heavy towing team then had to drive to headquarters at the base (a 4 mile drive) and unload the scaffolding. 

It was quite difficult to get the loads balanced in order to lift them up safely. The heavy towing team had to utilize both winches at once in order to lift some of the scaffolding units. The heavy towing team lifted all six scaffolding units onto the flatbed truck. The heavy towing team drove 4 miles to the dropoff location. The heavy towing team unloaded the scaffolding and placed it on the ground in an organized manner.