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Heavy Transport from NJ to MD 

Heavy Transport Across States for Trailer with Burnt Axle 

Embarking on another mission, Priority Towing swiftly answered the call of a distressed customer seeking heavy transport assistance in the heart of Moorestown, NJ. The customer’s trailer was plagued by a burnt-up axle which posed a serious challenge for the stranded driver. 

The heavy transport crew at Priority understood the customer’s needs and dispatched a mighty 35-ton wrecker to get the job done. Once the team member arrived on the scene, he assessed the situation and came up with the best course of action. 

The highly skilled expert wasted no time and delicately secured the damaged axle with chains while deftly removing the tires. Once the empty trailer was prepped and secured, it was ready to be transported. The Priority team member towed it back to the customer’s yard in scenic Sykesville, MD. 

In a display of dedication and professionalism, the single Priority Towing operator transported the trailer through the miles that separated Moorestown and Sykesville. The entire heavy transport job clocked in at approximately 6 hours, showcasing Priority Towing’s commitment to delivering timely and effective solutions. 

Needless to say, the customer was extremely impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the 24/7 towing crew. Great job, team! 

Details of Heavy Transport Across States for Trailer with Burnt Axle 

Priority Towing recently provided heavy transport assistance to a customer in Moorestown, NJ. The customer found themselves in need of help from a heavy transport professional after a bump in the road with his trailer. The customer reached out to the heavy transport crew, explaining the unfortunate situation of a burnt-up axle. They needed the help of a heavy transport team to transport the trailer to their destination. 

The Priority Towing heavy transport company dispatched a trusty 35-ton wrecker, equipped to tackle even the most demanding heavy transport tasks. The heavy transport pro swiftly arrived on the scene, carefully securing the damaged axle with sturdy chains and efficiently removing the tires. 

With everything in place, the heavy transport operator was ready to go. Together with the trailer, the heavy transport crew member set off on the journey back to the customer’s yard in Sykesville, MD. The trailer was safely towed throughout the 6-hour round trip, courtesy of the heavy transport crew member from Priority Towing. The heavy transport pro flawlessly executed another successful job for a happy and satisfied heavy transport customer.