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Icy Weather Leads to Truck Tow for Delivery Truck  

As an experienced truck tow company, Priority Towing knows that cold and wintery weather can lead to more emergency calls. The team recently received a call from a delivery truck driver for an international courier company after his vehicle ended up off the roadway. 

Because of the cold and snowy weather, roads and driveways in Clarksburg, MD were icy and snow-covered. Thinking that he could easily navigate his way out of a customer’s driveway, the delivery driver unfortunately did not see the edge of the road due to the snow blocking his view. 

The driver lost traction due to the icy road, went off the edge, and ended up off the roadway. Unable to move his vehicle, he called Priority Towing because he knew they would be able to help him out with this delivery truck tow. 

Thankfully, the Priority Towing crew were able to efficiently pull him back onto the driveway with the help of a 35 ton wrecker. The driver’s vehicle sustained no further damages and the driver was able to complete his deliveries for the day! Great job to the Priority Towing team for their expertise and efficient service! 

Details of Icy Weather Leads to Delivery Truck Tow for Delivery Truck  

Priority Towing recently assisted a customer for a delivery truck tow. A delivery truck driver for an international courier company called in because of a mishap that he had with his delivery truck. The Priority Towing crew received the call from Clarksburg, Maryland and they quickly dispatched the nearest delivery truck tow driver to the location. 

Upon arriving at the scene, the delivery truck tow team assessed the situation. The weather had been snowy and cold, which led to the driver’s mishap. The delivery truck driver had pulled into a driveway that was snow-covered and icy. As he was backing out, he didn’t see the edge of the road because the driveway wasn’t perfectly clear. 

Unfortunately,  lost traction, went off the edge, and ended up off the roadway. The driver was stuck and not able to move the vehicle, which is why he needed a delivery truck tow to help him out.  

The Priority Towing delivery truck tow team brought with them a 35 ton wrecker for the job. The crew ran a cable to the anchor point 30 feet in front of the truck. They then used a snatch block which rotated the cable back towards the wrecker, and hooked onto the truck’s front axle.

The deliver truck tow professionals then pulled him back on the driveway. Before leaving, they checked with the driver to make sure that everything was alright with his vehicle. The delivery truck tow operator waited until the delivery truck was back on the road to make sure he got out of the driveway safely. The job was successfully completed by the delivery truck tow company and the driver was able to continue his delivery route.