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Heavy Towing Flatbed Trailer 

Broken Trailer Recovered by Heavy Towing Professionals 

Priority Towing & Recovery have gathered quite the reputation as heavy towing experts. They recently helped a customer in Woodbine, MD who called requesting assistance for their flatbed trailer. The trailer was loaded with heavy construction equipment and had broken down on its way to a construction site. 

The customer let the heavy towing team know that this job was, indeed, heavy! The construction equipment that was loaded in the trailer included a box of tools and a counterweight for a crange. The equipment ranged from 10K to 35K pounds and before arriving at the scene, the Priority crew knew to expect some h eavy loads! 

After assessing the situation, the crew got straight to work. Unfortunately, the fractured flatbed trailer was quite damaged as the main rails running front to back had completely broken down. The team realized that they needed a rotator to transfer the load off the truck onto a replacement Landoll trailer. 

Thankfully, nearby colleagues were ready and willing to help out. With extra hands and the rotator, the Priority Towing team was able to load the equipment, towing cables, and towing straps onto the replacement truck. They sent the heavy equipment straight to the construction site for use and wrapped up the job by moving the damaged flatbed trailer to another replacement Landoll trailer truck. 

In just under an hour, the professionals successfully completed the heavy towing recovery! Great teamwork and amazing work out there! 

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Details of Broken Trailer Recovered by Heavy Towing Professionals 

Priority Towing & Recovery recently helped a customer during a heavy towing recovery. The team received a call from Woodbine, MD requesting a team of heavy towing experts. The customer’s flatbed trailer truck was on its way to a construction site when it broke down. The trailer was loaded with heavy construction equipment.

The equipment included a 35K pound counterweight for a crane and 2 other construction pieces weighing 20K and 10K pounds. The heavy towing team of Priority Towing left their headquarters and made their way to the scene. They brought with them a replacement Landoll Trailer in case it was needed for the heavy towing recovery. 

Once they arrived, the heavy duty towing crew assessed the situation. They realized that they needed another rotator and Landoll replacement truck in order to successfully complete the job. Thankfully, some nearby heavy towing colleagues were more than willing to help. 

Using the rotator, the heavy towing team loaded the construction equipment on one of the replacement trucks. They quickly sent the construction equipment to the construction site so that it could be used. 

To complete the job, the heavy towing crew loaded the broken flatbed trailer onto the other replacement Landoll truck and transported it to a site for repairs. This heavy towing job included the use of a rotator, 2 replacement trucks, towing cables, and towing straps. Six heavy duty towing professionals completed the towing job in less than 1 hour. Great job to the expert team!