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Bus Towing Company Desperately Needed!

Bus Towing Company Tows Bus 140 Miles 

A customer in desperate need of a bus towing company reached out to Priority Towing. The client had recently purchased a bus in Philadelphia and needed help getting it to Capitol Heights, Maryland. The bus had seen better days. Only three of its tires were drivable and its transmission had completely failed. 

From the moment that the bus towing team arrived at the location of the bus, they knew this would not be a straightforward tow. The bus had been parallel parked between two cars. The unfortunate parking spot, snowy ground, and flat tire added up to an interesting tow for the team!

The only way forward, on this occasion, was … sideways? The bus towing company devised a strategy to pull the bus sideways out of a tight parking spot. The bus towing team set up a perimeter of safety cones on the road so their team would remain safe during the recovery procedure. After they hooked their heavy wrecker to the front and back axle of the bus, they began to pull it out of it’s parking space.

Now, seeing that the back right tire was flat, the bus would need to be towed backwards for the back wheels to be off the ground. Unfortunately, with little room for maneuver on this tight road, the towing team was forced to tow the bus from the front end for 1 mile until they found a more spacious area. Once they reached a safe parking lot with a lot of room for their heavy wrecker, the towing team unhooked from the front of the bus and hooked onto the back of the bus.

The bus was then towed to a repair shop in Capitol Heights, MD, as per the new owner’s request! Great work out there team! It was not the simplest of jobs but you made it look easy! 

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Details of Bus Towing Company Tows Bus 140 Miles 

A request for a bus towing company was received by the Priority Towing dispatch center. The client requesting the bus towing company had recently bought a bus in Philadelphia and needed assistance hauling it to Capitol Heights. The bus towing company dispatched a team from their office located at 15950 North Ave, Woodbine, MD 21797.

Once in Philadelphia, the bus towing company assessed the situation. The bus was parallel parked between two other vehicles. A flat tire and severe transmission issues meant that the bus was going nowhere on its own. With safety being their number one priority, the bus towing company closed off the street with cones prior to commencing the recovery.

Once they were hooked up to both the front and the rear axle of the bus, the bus towing team slowly pulled the bus from its parking space with their heavy wrecker

Although one of the rear tires was completely flat, the bus towing team had no choice but to hook onto the front axle of the bus to tow it out of the small street. Once they got to a larger area, the bus towing team unhooked from the front axle of the bus and rehooked their heavy wrecker to the back axle.

The bus towing team towed the bus to a designated repair shop in Capitol Heights, Maryland.