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Car Carrier Towing on I-70

Car Carrier Towing After Engine Failure on I-70

Priority Towing performed a car carrier towing operation on I-70 near Mount Airy, MD. A Dodge  4500 was hauling a loaded car carrier trailer down the highway when it suddenly broke down. The driver thought it was a simple starter issue and called Priority Towing’s mobile diesel repair team.

They immediately dispatched a mobile diesel mechanic to the client’s location. After his initial assessment, it was clear to the mechanic that this would not be a simple fix. He diagnosed a major engine failure on the pickup truck. It was safe to say at this point that the pickup truck would not be completing its trip anytime soon.

The mobile diesel mechanic called in a light duty tow truck to tow the Dodge 4500 to a nearby dealership. Should they have left the car carrier on the side of I-70, the state police would have impounded it. After discussing options with the driver, Priority Towing offered to store the car carrier trailer in one of their secure yards. 

A car carrier towing team made quick work of hooking onto the fifth wheel trailer and transporting the loaded car carrier trailer to their lot. Although the car carrier trailer was fully loaded with six vehicles, the heavy wrecker was able to easily tow it. Fantastic work out there team! 

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Details of Car Carrier Towing After Engine Failure on I-70

The Priority Towing team answered a call for a mobile diesel mechanic (not a car carrier towing team). A driver of a Dodge 4500 was transporting a fully loaded car carrier down I-70 in Mount Airy, MD. As he was driving, the pickup truck unexpectedly broke down. The driver did not request a heavy towing service, as he believed that a mobile diesel mechanic could solve the issue.

The mobile diesel mechanic called the car carrier towing team when he realized he could not fix the pickup truck’s engine problems. They immediately dispatched a car-carrier towing team to the customer’s location. Along with the heavy towing team, a light duty tow truck was dispatched. The car carrier towing team would handle the car carrier trailer and the light duty tow truck would handle the pickup truck.

The towing team stood by as the light duty tow truck hooked onto the pickup truck and towed it away from the location. They brought the pickup truck to a dealership where it would undergo extensive repairs. Once the pickup truck cleared the location, the towing team backed up their heavy wrecker to the front end of the trailer.

The car carrier trailer had a fifth wheel hitch so the towing team could quickly hook onto the trailer. Once the car carrier was secured, the towing team transported the trailer to Priority Towing’s secure lot which was only 5 miles away.