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Mobile Diesel Mechanic Saves the Day

Mobile Diesel Mechanic Repairs Drive Shaft in Freezing Temperatures

A mobile diesel mechanic was the hero of the day after an emergency repair in Lake Linganore. Priority Towing originally received a phone call for a semi tow team. A car carrier was delivering a vehicle in the area. As the truck was making its way up a 15 degree incline hill, the rear tires on the passenger side slid off the road. 

It was immediately clear that the truck did not have enough traction to continue up the hill and around the curve. As snow continued to fall from the sky, the truck driver called in for reinforcement. Priority Towing Service dispatched their semi tow team. 

Due to the incline of the hill and the awkward angle the truck found itself in, the team took their time with the intricate rigging process. With everything in place, the semi tow team used their winch to pull the rear wheels of the truck back onto the road.

End of story, right? Actually, this is when things got interesting! With the freezing temperatures and steep incline, the truck driver didn’t feel comfortable continuing uphill from his current position. He wanted to back his truck down the hill and then take a running start in order to build enough momentum to easily clear the hill. 

He made it down the hill easily enough. However as he put his truck back in gear to drive up the hill, he blew his drive shaft! Unfortunately, the truck was now in such an awkward location that it was impossible to tow!

The semi tow team immediately called for their Mobile Diesel Mechanic division to see if they would be able to perform the necessary repairs right there on the snowy road. Many mechanics would have refused but Priority Towing’s team is made of tough stuff! The mobile diesel mechanic was able to repair the truck and it was back on the road within hours!

Fantastic work out there!

mobile diesel mechanic

Details of Mobile Diesel Mechanic Repairs Drive Shaft in Freezing Temperatures

While a mobile diesel mechanic was eventually needed, the original call came in for a semi tow team. The semi tow team was dispatched to the customer’s location in Lake Linganore, MD. After an intricate rigging process, the semi tow team managed to get the customer’s truck back on the road.

Soon after, the customer blew his drive shaft. The semi tow team called in the mobile diesel mechanic as the truck was not able to be towed in its current position. A mobile diesel mechanic arrived on scene shortly after and assessed the situation.

The mobile diesel mechanic confirmed that the drive shaft would indeed need extensive repairs before the semi truck was able to drive again. Although it was cold and snowing, the mobile diesel mechanic conducted the necessary repairs right there on the spot!

A few hours later, the mobile diesel mechanic completed the repairs and the truck was now suitable to drive! The semi truck continued on it’s way to deliver a car to a client and the mobile diesel mechanic team made their way back to Priority Towing Servic headquarters!