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Tractor Trailer Towing Near I-295


Baltimore Tractor Trailer Towing Team Helps Driver Who Took A Wrong Turn Priority Towing responded to a call from a truck driver in desperate need of a tractor trailer towing team. The driver (owner operator) called us from a Baltimore parking lot in the middle of the night.  Unfamiliar with the area, the driver had …

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Box Truck Tow with 35-ton Wrecker

Woodbine Box Truck Tow Team Winches Truck From Muddy Mess Priority Towing sent out a 35-ton wrecker for a box truck tow in Woodbine, MD. A moving company had driven the box truck behind a house to facilitate the loading process. There had been a lot of rain all day and the movers didn’t take …

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Towing Company Uprights Forklift


Towing Company Recovers Forklift From 7 Foot-deep Hole! The presence of a towing company was desperately needed at a construction site in Windsor Mill, Maryland. A construction company was building a clubhouse for an apartment complex when disaster struck. A forklift that was on the construction site had driven too close to the hole dug …

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RV Towing by MD-94


RV Towing Team Keeps the Road Trip Going Our RV Towing team came to the aid of a young couple last week. The California-based couple had bought an older RV at the beginning of the year and restored it to its former glory. The couple have been living out of their RV for the past …

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Load Shift Stress in Woodbine

load shift

Woodbine Load Shift Service Helps Truck Driver Stay on Schedule Priority Towing & Recovery dispatched their load shift team to the Westbound Weigh Station on I-70 in Sykesville, MD. The team had received a call from a truck driver on a tight schedule. The driver was transporting paper rolls to Baltimore. His trip was going …

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Construction Equipment Towing Excavator

construction equipment towing

Construction Equipment Towing Team Help Get Excavator to the Repair Shop Priority Towing’s construction equipment towing division helped a local Woodbine business owner last week. This particular customer runs a successful construction business and often uses our heavy tow truck services to move equipment and keep his projects on schedule. When one of his excavators …

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Heavy Tow Truck Moves TOTALED Trailer

heavy tow truck

Maryland Heavy Tow Truck Team Moves Trailer to Scrapyard The heavy tow truck team at Priority Towing completed a tow from Monrovia to Waldorf, MD. A trailer had received extensive damage after being rear-ended in an accident and was ruled a total loss. The trailer owner’s insurance company requested that the trailer be towed to …

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Mobile Diesel Mechanic Saves the Day

mobile diesel mechanic

Mobile Diesel Mechanic Repairs Drive Shaft in Freezing Temperatures A mobile diesel mechanic was the hero of the day after an emergency repair in Lake Linganore. Priority Towing originally received a phone call for a semi tow team. A car carrier was delivering a vehicle in the area. As the truck was making its way …

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Car Carrier Towing on I-70

Car Carrier Towing After Engine Failure on I-70 Priority Towing performed a car carrier towing operation on I-70 near Mount Airy, MD. A Dodge  4500 was hauling a loaded car carrier trailer down the highway when it suddenly broke down. The driver thought it was a simple starter issue and called Priority Towing’s mobile diesel …

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Ellicott City Dump Truck Tow

dump truck tow

Dump Truck Tow Team Called to Bring Truck to Dealership for Repairs The dump truck tow team from Priority Towing was dispatched to a customer in Ellicott City. The customer in question had recently bought a new dump truck for their plumbing business. With less than 3000 miles on the odometer, the truck was working …

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