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Heavy Tow Truck Helps Landscapers

Heavy Tow Truck Needed to Winch Truck Sinking Into Lawn

Priority Towing dispatched a heavy tow truck to a client in Sykesville where a semi tractor trailer was doing more damage than good to a lawn! The homeowner had hired a landscaping company to spruce up their yard. On this fateful day, their shipment of small oak trees was being delivered. The trees were being transported on the back of a semi tractor trailer. By the time the delivery got to the homeowner, the trailer was only half full. 

This was a pretty expansive lawn. Wanting to save time (and back pain) the semi driver chose to drive onto the lawn. This way, he thought, the delivery process would be that much smoother. Unfortunately, fate had another plan for him that day. As he was pulling into the lawn, he suddenly realized that he had become stuck. A quick inspection of his tires showed that they had already sunk 6 inches into the ground!

The truck driver attempted to back out of his new grassy parking spot but did not have enough traction to do so. Thankfully, Priority Towing was less than 10 miles away from the incident and was by the client’s side within minutes. A quick assessment of the situation confirmed that this truck was not moving anywhere on it’s own.

The heavy tow truck professionals at Priority expertly hooked up to the back of the semi tractor trailer and slowly winched it back onto solid ground. Fantastic work out there team! You completed the job less than 45 minutes after the call was initially received! Keep it up!

Heavy Tow Truck

Details of Heavy Tow Truck Needed to Winch Truck Sinking Into Lawn

A call requesting a heavy tow truck was received by the Priority Towing 24/7 dispatch center in Woodbine, MD. A heavy tow truck team was dispatched to the customer’s location on Gaither Road in Sykesville. The total distance between the heavy tow truck and the customer was only 7.4 miles. The heavy tow truck team arrived at the customer’s side in 15 minutes.

The heavy tow truck team assessed the situation. A semi tractor trailer carrying half a trailer load of small oak trees had driven onto a lawn. The back axle of the truck was approximately 30 feet away from the pavement. The driver was delivering oak trees and was seeking to save time by not having to haul the trees so far across the lawn. The heavy tow truck team noted that the semi’s tires hand sunk around 6 inches into the lawn.

The heavy tow truck team hooked up to the back end of the semi tractor trailer. The heavy tow truck team slowly began to winch the semi tractor trailer off of the grass lawn. The heavy tow truck team successfully winched the semi tractor trailer off of the lawn. The heavy tow truck team unhooked their heavy wrecker from the tractor trailer. 

No damage was done to the semi tractor trailer so the driver needed no further assistance.