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RV Towing by MD-94

RV Towing Team Keeps the Road Trip Going

Our RV Towing team came to the aid of a young couple last week. The California-based couple had bought an older RV at the beginning of the year and restored it to its former glory. The couple have been living out of their RV for the past 4 months while driving throughout the United States.

Taking advantage of their remote work positions, the couple has been able to maintain a nomadic lifestyle without quitting their day jobs! Last week, as they were driving on MD-94, the RV’s engine began to make an odd sputtering noise.

In a matter of minutes, the old RV was no longer driving smoothly. Not wanting to risk damaging the engine any further, the couple took the first exit and were able to park their RV in a safe location. Lucky for them, the first RV Towing company they called was Priority Towing!

Our team was by their side within 15 minutes of receiving the phone call. Keep in mind that, at this point, no one knew what was actually wrong with the RV! The couple needed guidance on where to bring their RV. Our tow truck operators helped them locate a reputable local repair shop and secure an appointment there.

They safely loaded the RV onto their trailer and drove it to the repair shop. Now, there was just one problem remaining. The repairs would most likely take a day or two and this couple had nowhere to stay!

Our tow truck driver stayed behind until the couple found a hotel room and drove them there. Great work team! We never leave a customer stranded and you went out of your way to ensure they got to their hotel safely.

Details of RV Towing Team Keeps the Road Trip Going

A call for an RV towing team was received at 3:15 PM. An RV Towing team was needed for a broken down RV by MD-94. The RV towing team was immediately dispatched to the customer’s location. They arrived at 3:30 PM and immediately assessed the situation.

The driver told the RV towing team that his engine had begun making a strange sputtering noise. When the quality of the drive was no longer smooth, the driver pulled off the highway. The driver found Priority Towing after searching for “RV Towing Near Me”. 

The motorhome towing team helped the driver locate a nearby repair shop that had space to take the RV that same day. The heavy towing team brought the RV to the repair shop. The young couple driving the RV located a nearby hotel to spend the night.

The RV towing team drove the couple to the hotel and returned to Priority Towing headquarters at 15950 North Ave, Woodbine, MD 21797.